Meetings and Events


Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences


ILTER Coordinating Committee Meeting 2021

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the Brazilian LTER Program (PELD) will be hosting the ILTER CC Meeting in the Finatec Building at the main campus of the University in Brasilia, Brazil. 

Overall structure

  • Day 1 Afternoon: PELD scientific event
  • Day 2 Morning: EC meeting and Regional network meetings
  • Day 2 Afternoon: CC meeting
  • Day 3 Morning and Afternoon: CC meeting
  • Day 4: Field visit


ILTER Coordinating Committee Meeting, 10/11 November 2020, 12-14 h UTC on each day

Held as online-meeting owing to the current Corona related situation and resulting travel restrictions. 


13th ILTER-EAP Regional Conference, 6-12 September 2020

Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

For more information see the meeting website





Second ILTER OPEN SCIENCE MEETING, Leipzig Germany, 2-6 September 2019

Hosted by the Umweltforschungszentrum (UFZ), the meeting has covered the themes

1. Drivers of long-term changes in biodiversity, ecosystem integrity and ecosystem functions

2. Climate change impact on ecosystem processes

3. Altered nutrient cycles and environmental pollution

4. Advances in long-term socio-ecological research and sustainability science

5. New methods, technology and innovative science support services

6. Global research infrastructures

And also included interesting excursions. 


ILTER Coordinating Committee meeting, Leipzig Germany, 7/8 September 2019

The ILTER CC has convened directly after the OSM, starting Saturday morning and quitting Sunday at 13 h. 


ILTER annual Coordinating Committee Meeting and ILTER EAP Scientific Conference, Taichung, Taiwan, 15-19 October 2018

During the week 14-19 October 2018, ILTER held its annual Coordinating Committee Meeting in Taichung, Taiwan; and the ILTER East Asia Pacific (EAP) regional network conducted a scientific conference with the topic "Resilience of Ecosystems in Natural and Human-dominated Landscapes". The event was hosted by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Tunghai University, TERN (Taiwan Ecological Research Network). The presenations are available for download. Read more


ILTER and LTER France joint conference, Nantes, France, 2-8 October 2017

ILTER and LTER France (including Zones Ateliers and Critical Zones Observatories) have convened in Nantes in 2017. The week was structured as follows: Monday a national LTER France (ZA/CZO) meeting, Tuesday a joint scientific conference for LTER France (ZA/CZO) and ILTER participants, Wednesday morning  the public part of the ILTER CC to inform the scientific conference participants about aspects of ILTER which will be of interest to them. Wednesday afternoon, the internal ILTER CC business meeting started and lasted until Friday evening. The whole event was followed by a two-day field trip for all participants.





ILTER Open Science Meetings (OSM)

Once every three years, the world-wide Long-Term-Ecosystem-Research community including further interested researchers and stakeholders gathers at the ILTER OSM hosted by one of its members. 


ILTER Coordinating Committee Meetings

The ILTER Coordinating Committee (CC) the governing body of the ILTER Network, convenes annually. These meetings are hosted by one of the Member Networks and in most cases, they are held in conjunction with a scientific event. 


ILTER Regional Group Meetings

The ILTER Regional Groups hold meetings for the purpose of conducting an in-depth exchange more closely related to their specific concerns than this would be possible at the all-ILTER meetings.