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Contact persons:


ILTER Chair:

Hideaki Shibata, Hokkaido University


ILTER Co-Chair:

Michael Mirtl, Environment Agency Austria 


ILTER International Management Officer:

Amit Batar


ILTER Secretary:

Herbert Haubold, Environment Agency Austria



ILTER is a registered association (Verein) in Austria

Name of the association in German: Internationale Gesellschaft für Ökologische Langzeitforschung

Austrian central associations-registry Number (ZVR-Zahl): 1065109713

Legal address: ILTER; c/o Umweltbundesamt GmbH; Spittelauer Lände 5; 1090 Vienna; Austria

General E-Mail address:


Bank account

Name: Internationale Gesellschaft für Ökologische Langzeitforschung

Bank: Easybank; Quellenstraße 51-55; 1011 Wien; Austria

IBAN: AT07 1420 0200 1097 6139

BIC/SWIFT: BAWAATWW (new since March 2020)