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People and Data

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ILTER is a global network of long-term ecological and socio-ecological research scientists working on various long-term observations, experiments and data synthesis. These scientists work at ILTER sites which are available for various research purposes in a collaborative fashion. To engage with ILTER sites please see the site database (DEIMS), find your suitable site and contact the site manager of each site.

ILTER is a distributed network which provides access to a range of different databases that have been developed in each member network to deliver data from each ILTER site to enable researchers to make use of LTER data.

ILTER hosts various science events including an Open Science meeting every three years. Researchers are welcome to participate in these events and present their research findings to a large and interested science community.



Students/Early careers

ILTER hosts various training courses, workshops and science events on long-term ecological and socio-ecological studies. Students and Early Career researchers are welcome to join these training courses and other programs to extend your skills sets.

ILTER provides through the member networks various long-term observational data for further use in your research. Please visit the ILTER DEIMS to find out more on how to download site-specific data. 

You can also use the ILTER sites for your own research program. Please contact the site manager or member network coordinator for further information. 



Site Coordinators

ILTER is a global network of member networks. Each member network consists of the research sites for long-term studies on ecology, socio-ecology and ecosystem research in the host area or country.  LTER member networks are widely distributed around the world. 

Each member network organizes its individual sites (e.g., US-LTER, JaLTER), specific information is provided via DEIMS

To join the ILTER network, please refer to the criteria, requirements and registration procedure for a member network in the ILTER bylaws. 

ILTER encourages various levels of site-to-site collaborative research on various research topics. Please contact the ILTER Science Committee chair for further information.